Dear readers,

September is the month of new beginnings, and we want to start again here to update you on the progress of B-Ferst.

Some preliminary analysis and evaluation activities have been completed, while others such as testing have been started and are proceeding. 

We have completed the development of the Engineering Package of the Nutrient Recovery demo plant, the optimised granulation technologies for producing biobased fertilisers (reaching up to 65% of biobased materials within the fertiliser matrix), the selection and production of biostimulants and new tailor-made biopolymers.

Furthermore, we have almost finished the first agronomic field trials to test the biobased fertiliser prototypes in Spain and Italy. These results are being used to define and perform the business plan and market strategy, as well as to calculate the preliminary environmental impacts of those prototypes. All prototypes have been designed taking into account the current EU regulation.  

Moreover, we had the honour of participating in the EU green week: thanks to the virtual stand we met visitors interested in the project and shared our materials with them.

In the next months, we expect to keep on with the biowastes searching and mapping in the EU area, start the building and commissioning of the Nutrient recovery and biostimulant demo plants and finish the Coating Fertiliser demo plant Engineering Package.

Moreover, the second field trial campaign will start in Spain, Italy, France, Poland and Ukraine, thus we will perform the second iteration of LCA and LCC and the customer and market analysis. The first product registration dossier within the framework of 2019/1009 regulation will be also prepared, and training activities on different topics open to professionals and researchers.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and invite you to follow our social networks and to take a closer look at the latest news from the world of B-Ferst. 

Enjoy your reading!

Javier Brañas Lasala
B-Ferst Project coordinator


Agriculture goes green with bio-based fertilisers

Agriculture goes green – New bio-fertilisers to make farming more sustainable


The European Union has updated its rules on fertilisers, which almost exclusively covered mined or chemically produced materials. While new organic fertilisers will now be able to enter the EU market in 2022, researchers are testing innovative bio-based solutions to boost the circular economy

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B-Ferst video

By investigating the story of a tomato, the first B-Ferst project video shows the resilience, innovation and win-win relationship behind the production of our food.

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B-Ferst proposes to shift the fertilisers value chain from the current production−income approach to a sustainable production model focused on tailor-made bio-based fertilisers. The ultimate goal of B-ferst is to get farmers and industries on board to make agriculture more sustainable.

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