Workshop on Nitrogen Recovery

19 JANUARY 2023, 09:00-17:00
L42 Business Center & Workspaces (and online)
42 Rue de la Loi 1040 - Brussels, Belgium

Workshop on Nitrogen Recovery

ESPP event in Brussels & online

ESPP is widening to include recovery for the recycling of nitrogen. A first meeting is organised, open to all technology providers and developers:

  • Literature search and technology inventory conclusions and overview, market perspectives vision
  • Why recycle nitrogen? current price and import crises, global nitrogen cycle
  • Perspectives from the fertilisers industry, water industry, biogas operators
  • Technology sessions, including: ammonia recovery (from gas cleaning or “stripping” of liquids), potential NOx /N2O capture for N recycling, N recovery from liquid phase
  • Final panel and discussion: What next? Working Group? Actions?

To propose a presentation of your process or technology, or on N-recovery context and perspectives, you can contact Olivier Bastin, ESPP.

Registration is open here. Details and further information are on the ESPP webpage.


  • Brussels = 100 € – personalised code required
  • Online = 50 € – no personal code necessary