B-Ferst at the 13th International Technical Conference on Waste

B-Ferst at the 13th International Technical Conference on Waste
NEWS - 11 December 2023

The B-FERST project was presented as a successful example of the use of bio-waste to produce new products, in this case fertilisers in the 13th International Technical Conference on Waste (JTIR), which took place in the city of Bragança (Portugal) from 15 to 18 November 2023.

Two of our partners from the University of Leon (Antonio Moran and Xiomar Gomez) attended the International Technical Conference on Waste in Portugal. The presentation of the B-FERST project took place at the session entitled “Decarbonisation: Water-Energy-Waste Trinomial”, with more than eighty attendees.

Through this year’s theme, Singularities and Opportunities, the event aims to cross-reference the singularities of waste and water management organisations, the particularities of each management model, with the singularities of the territories in demographic, economic, and social terms.

The goal is to analyse the opportunities created by the singularities identified, assuming that, as in natural systems, diversity is the basis for more resilient communities. The event took place in a territory that presents the potential for research and development of multi-level solutions, the circularity of secondary raw materials, and precision technology in the preservation of natural resources.

A modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy leaves no one and no region behind. This great challenge cannot be achieved with independent sectoral strategies. Promoting the symbiotic evolution of the waste and water sector with the agriculture, farming and livestock sectors is necessary.

You can find out more about the event here.