B-Ferst at the NERM event

B-Ferst at the NERM event
PROJECT UPDATE - 22 April 2024

An occasion to disseminate B-Ferst preliminary results

B-Ferst was amongst the projects that actively participated to the NERM event in Brussels.

The coordinator was present at the networking event organised by FER-PLAY project. The event aimed to showcase insights gained by the project and disseminate knowledge about nutrient recovery. The goal was to engage stakeholders in circular fertilisers initiatives and promote the adoption of sustainable fertilisers.

Additionally, he also presented B-Ferst project and its outcomes in the session entitled ‘From R&D to market: Conclusions from successful projects‘. The session aimed to explain the innovative scheme of production highlighting how B-Ferst changed that. The bottlenecks were discussed together with how B-Ferst contributes to partly overcome them through the recovery demo plant built to upscale bio based materials implementation.

This event has been an excellent opportunity to disseminate some preliminary results of B-Ferst project that is going to end soon.


Photos provided by FERTIBERIA.