B-Ferst Newsletter

B-Ferst Newsletter
NEWSLETTER - 05 February 2021

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Dear reader,

The past months have been difficult and challenging and I hope that you and your beloved ones stay healthy! Despite the difficulties experienced, we didn’t stay idle, of course! Our last months were mostly focused on our research activities and we’ve advanced on multiple fronts.

Last November we were proud to celebrate our first International Advisory Board meeting with the participation of a panel of six experts from the agriculture’s associations, biobased industries and clusters and the water sector. We have increased the search for biobased materials suitable for the project. Also, we have optimised the processes that will be upscale to demo plants in 2021. We have defined the fields for trials that will start next spring in Spain and Italy.
Partners also started the definition of the framework for the business plan, regulation and LCA studies.

Last but not least, B-Ferst video was included in the media library of the Global Bioeconomy Summit. Here you can take a peek to all the bioeconomy video submitted to the GBS2020.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and invite you to follow our social networks and to take a closer look at the latest news from the world of B-Ferst.

Enjoy your reading!

Javier Brañas Lasala
B-Ferst Project coordinator