B-Ferst Newsletter

B-Ferst Newsletter
NEWSLETTER - 27 May 2020

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Dear reader,
It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of B-Ferst’s newsletter, a series that will keep you up to date with our project.
I am often asked to explain what B-Ferst is. When trying to answer, I realise how difficult it is to embrace all its peculiar aspects with just one answer. Of course, formally, it’s an EU project developing innovative solutions for agriculture management, based on the idea of the circular economy through the use of bio-based nutrients from agro-wastes.

But what I always say is that to me, B-Ferst is more than the sum of eleven partners from 7 countries and designing 8 innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture management. More than a European project whose results are being demonstrated in five European countries.
To me, it is the possibility to give a new shape to the farming sector, to change a long-lasting paradigm and to grow relationships beyond products.
B-Ferst is still young. Less than a year has passed since we met to kick it off in May 2019. But the first months have been very fruitful, with lots of good news to report!

Work has been done to identify and map B-Ferst main stakeholder groups, in order to understand their needs and take them into account throughout the whole project. Furthermore, the basis of the business plan is being set starting with in-depth interviews that we are planning to organize with at least 50 experts on 5 continents. We have also identified more than 25 biobased materials that are under study and worked on the development of biostimulants and biodegradable coatings. Last but not least, we have performed many lab tests, such as nutrients extraction from biowastes. And new results are coming soon!

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Now have a glimpse of our collection of news and feel free to contact us if you need any information.

Enjoy your reading!

Javier Brañas Lasala
B-Ferst Project coordinator