#CircularWasteEU: ICONS’ social media campaign for the International Day of Zero Waste 2024

#CircularWasteEU: ICONS’ social media campaign for the International Day of Zero Waste 2024
NEWS - 25 March 2024

ICONS, in collaboration with several EU-funded projects, launches a social media campaign to support the International Day of Zero Waste 2024.

The amount of waste generated by humanity is huge and contributes significantly to climate change, biodiversity, nature loss, and pollution.

To address this issue, in 2022 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 30th as International Day of Zero Waste. This aims to encourage the adoption of sustainable consumption and production practices, foster the transition to circularity, and raise awareness about the role of zero-waste initiatives.

Having an active role in various EU-funded projects in the field of circularity, ICONS will take part in the International Day of Zero Waste 2024 edition, launching a joint social media campaign. B-ferst together with other projects (K-CCRI, Woodcircles, Reconstruct, Agro2Circular, Plastice, ViSS and Cultivate projects) posted short videos in which partners explain how circularity can guarantee a potentially zero-waste world, and how their project is addressing the issue.

It doesn’t only represent an opportunity to make citizens aware of the zero-waste challenge, but also for existing projects and initiatives to join forces in reaching the common goal of circularity” – stated Marcello Bardellini PMO of K-CCRI project.

#CircularWasteEU campaign for B-Ferst means finding a way to re-use agri-food and agricultural waste to make biofertilisers! The integration of bio-waste in agriculture management plans creates new circular and bio-based value chains avoiding excessive waste.

Watch here the short video by Cinta Cazador, scientific coordinator of B-Ferst.