Field trials in Spain: how is it going?

Field trials in Spain: how is it going?
NEWS - 14 June 2023

An update from B-Ferst fields trials.

After four years from the start of B-Ferst project, some of our results are being accomplished:
6 biobased fertiliser validation field trials are underway. Agrisat is testing the products under different conditions and with different crops in the Mediterranean area, while IUNG does it in the continental zone.

The coordinator, FERTIBERIA, visited the field trials in Spain, in particular:

  • the maize trial on a commercial plot on the Casa del Monte farm (Valdeganga, Albacete)
  • the wheat trial on microplots on the La Losa farm (Sisante, Cuenca)

Additionally, in Italy, sunflower is growing, in Portugal corn is also advancing, while sugar beet and corn in Poland are a little behind.

At the end of the project, thanks to demo plants and field trials, a total of 8 new green fertiliser consumer products will be developed and sold at competitive prices.

Stay tuned to know more about the status of these!

Photo credits to Agrisat