Putting bio-based NPK fertilisers from waste streams into the market

Putting bio-based NPK fertilisers from waste streams into the market
PRESS RELEASE - 15 March 2023

FERTIBERIA presented the B-Ferst project at the conference of the International Fertiliser Society.

Turning waste into resources is key to the circular economy. The recovery of bio-waste is generating numerous possibilities to produce chemicals, fuels and valuable products. However, there are still many technological and market challenges to achieving large-scale commercialisation.

The B-FERST project seeks to develop a novel industrial process for the fertiliser industry through a new waste value chain. This innovation, to be introduced into existing industrial processes, is intended to replace part of the mineral raw material used currently, with a biobased material with a complex matrix influence.

Recently, B-FERST has obtained some important results:

  • A new versatile nutrient extraction process has been validated at a pilot plant scale and is currently being upscaled into a demonstration plant with 500 kg/h capacity at Fertiberia’s facilities in Huelva Plant (Spain). It works in a closed circuit in order to be environmentally sustainable without generating liquid effluents.
  • A new flexible coating demonstration plant is currently being built, using the results from the pilot plant scale. The aim is to validate the application of biodegradable materials in the fertiliser’s surface, and to enhance their agronomic efficiency.
  • The replacement of part of the conventional mineral raw materials with bio-based material as nutrient sources. The success of non-microbial plant biostimulant (NMPB) or microbial plant biostimulant (MPB) additives has been demonstrated in the fertiliser manufacturing process of the pilot plant scale.

The whole paper is available here.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels