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Dear readers,

Welcome back to our newsletter, where we keep you updated with the project’s latest developments, news from the world of bio-fertilisers, and the achievements of our sister projects.

The eight biobased fertilisers are currently undergoing validation in the third campaign of field trials, and the two demo plants dedicated to bio-waste treatment and bio-coating in Huelva are in the final stages of completion.

B-Ferst is in its last year, which means it is now disseminating its achievements in several important events spanning all around Europe: from the International Technical Conference on Waste in Portugal to the CBE JU Stakeholder Forum in Brussels, and to Agrievent in North Macedonia. The project continues to stay connected and gather the latest opinions of experts and stakeholders in the world of the bio-based sector.

B-Ferst has also garnered interest overseas, as it was showcased as an example of successful agricultural technology in the International Congress of Scientific Research in the Dominican Republic.

Find out what is happening in our sister projects: WalNUT has launched its interactive stakeholder platform, and Project Model2Bio has developed some interesting editorial products to valorize agri-food side streams and identify promising value chains.

Stay tuned to hear more about what is coming next: from webinars and other joint events to our final video and brochure! Be the first to get our updates by following our social media accounts!

In the meantime, enjoy your reading and Merry Christmas!

The Project Coordinator

Updates from the project
B-Ferst at the 13th International Technical Conference on Waste
The B-FERST project was presented as a successful example of the use of bio-waste to produce new products, in this case fertilisers in the 13th International Technical Conference on Waste…
B-Ferst at 2023 CBE JU Stakeholder Forum
Project B-Ferst is in Brussels the 6th and 7th of December, with a stand at the CBEJU23 exhibition
Digital technologies in sustainable food systems
B-Ferst is present at the Agrievent organised by AgFutura
Next event
NERM 2024
NERM 2024
The Nutrients in Europe Research Meeting will go live on the 16th and 17th of April 2024 in Brussels
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Updates from the sister projects
The new Walnut stakeholder platform is active, check it out and exchange synergies and ideas!
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