B-Ferst Newsletter #5

B-Ferst Newsletter #5
NEWSLETTER - 31 May 2023

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Dear readers,
Here we come with fresh updates from our B-Ferst project.

We are already in spring and we have 6 biobased fertiliser validation field trials underway, testing the products under different conditions and with different crops. Agrisat is carrying out the tests in the Mediterranean area, while IUNG does it in the continental zone. In Spain, wheat is already advanced, corn is growing in Spain and Portugal, as is sunflower in Italy, while sugar beet and corn in Poland are a little behind.

In Huelva, the construction of a demo plant by Fertiberia, dedicated to bio-waste treatment and nutrients recovery which should be incorporated into the fertiliser production plants and partially substitute the non-renewable raw materials, is being finalised. On the other hand, a second demonstration plant, this time for the incorporation of biostimulants and coating agents to the new biobased fertilizers, is also being built at the same location.

AgFutura is advancing in the business plan of the project while Arcadia prepares the plan for the registration of new products, all thus being ready for the implementation of this new sustainable fertilization proposal in our fields!

Finally, VITO continues to progress in the environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC), to fine-tune the results of both assessments. Next, they’ll include the required inputs for fertiliser application and the crop yield as observed during the field trials.

If you are interested in bio-based NPK fertilisers, drought stress tolerance in crops or predicted changes in soil water content have a look at the scientific papers published by University of Leon, Fertiberia and Research Centre IUNG.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and invite you to follow our social networks and to take a closer look at the latest news from the world of B-Ferst.
Enjoy your reading!

Javier Brañas Lasala
B-Ferst Project coordinator

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